Nutritional Therapy

Healthy Eating Advice and Nutritional Therapy

Healthy eating advice is an integral part of my work with all my clients but I also offer
nutritional advice and guidance to anyone who does not have an eating disorder but wants
to make diet based improvements to their health and well-being.


‘We Are What We Eat’


It’s true!


Our bodies make themselves from the food that we eat, they have nothing else to work on.
It follows that if we eat food that is unsuitable for us, too much food or unhealthy food, then
our bodies will respond accordingly.


For those seeking to make positive changes to their diets, I will discuss your current diet,
eating patterns and behaviours and give advice about dietary changes that could make a
positive contribution to your improved health and wellbeing.


An initial assessment session may not be necessary, please contact me to talk about the
type of advice that you are seeking.


Nutritional Advice Costs


  • An initial assessment if necessary (approx. 1½ hours) costs £55
  • 50 minute sessions cost £35
  • Discretionary discounts are available for those on a low income.